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Boyce Equipment Bobbed 4-Door M35A3 Under Construction

Custom Quad Cab 2.5 Ton Truck

ManufacturerPhotographerCorey SimoneWriter

Who doesn’t love military trucks? We sure do, and the guys at Boyce Equipment & Parts Co. Inc. sure know how to make them even cooler. Known for refurbishing and customizing retired military trucks from M1008 GM Pickups to 900 Series 5 Ton Trucks, and everything in between. Currently they are working on this sweet bobbed 4-door M35A3 4-Door 2.5 Truck that looks freaking awesome!

This truck is blown apart at their shop in Ogden, Utah where they are working on adding upgrades to this one-of-a-kind rig. Upgrades include a modified air conditioning unit, keyed ignition switch, ARB air lockers in the front and rear axles, lockout hubs, a Boyce power steering system, front and rear disc brake upgrades and a ton of other stuff that we don’t know about yet.

We can’t wait to see this awesome crew-cab military truck driving down the road or hitting the trail, and know you can’t either; we will keep you updated on this build when they finish the truck.

For more information on Boyce Equipment check out boyceequipment.com where you can see what other military trucks they build and how you can get your hands on one of your own!