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June 2013 Dispatch - Jeep News

What's Going On In The Industry

Tori TellemPhotographer, Writer

Jeep News & Rumors
Mopar said its second most accessorized vehicle in North America in 2012 was the Wrangler. Fourth was the Grand Cherokee. Among the top-selling Mopar accessories last year were side steps and running boards, Wrangler tops, suspension upgrades, and wheel locks. And the most accessorized vehicle in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa was the Wrangler. Ditto Asian Pacific, and is where the Grand fell in the number two spot, while the Compass and Patriot rounded out the top five. In Latin America, the Wrangler and Grand were in the four and five spots.

Kelley Blue Book’s 5-Year Cost To Own Awards points to vehicles that are the best deal in terms of fuel, financing, insurance, and other monthly and annual expenses. As in, the most affordable vehicles (“cheap mofo” is politically incorrect, right?). The Patriot won the compact SUV/crossover category, beating out the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and Honda CR-V.

SRT has developed Core models, including specifically tuned suspension, exterior things that set them apart from the regular SRTs, and other features. But so far, no Core Grand Cherokee SRT8. Not that we’re huge fans of the Grand SRT, but still. We’ll take any reason to pout.

Seems Jeep sold 141,669 Wranglers in the U.S. in 2012. That’s around 16 percent more than in the previous year.

While we’re talking numbers, when production starts in China, Chrysler is planning to build a minimum of 100,000 Jeeps per year.

Quote Without Story #1
“Wrangler customers really want a diesel. It’s a target vehicle for a diesel once we see the reaction to the Grand Cherokee.”
—Mike Manley, president and CEO of Jeep, to the Detroit Free Press

Industry News
Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels turns 50 years old in 2013.

Ram Trucks is the official truck of Bosch Power Tools.

GM is investing $200 mil into the Global Powertrain Engineering HQ for building a new test wing.

Sears Auto Center has brought back RoadHandler tires. Can we get a TrailHandler, too?

Skyjacker is offering a $35 rebate on HYDRO H7000 and NITRO N8000 Series shocks, or a $55 one on M95 monotube shocks. Get the scoop at skyjacker.com/shockrebate.

The 2013 Rebate Rush is Bestop’s largest rebate program ever. Ever. You can get up to $100 back on Jeep accessories. Through June 30, there are rebates on various products, like the Classic Supertop and Supertop NX. More details can be found at bestop.com/rebate.

Cooper Tire is launching 26 new sizes of its off-road Discoverer S/T MAXX.

Carquest Auto Parts is now carrying Spicer U-joints.

Twit Watch

Quote Without Story #2
“Right behind the first autonomous vehicle is the first autonomous vehicle ambulance chaser.”
—Robert Hartwig, president of the Insurance Indormation Institute, to Bloomberg, regarding the they-seem-to-be-coming self-driving cars

Reader Quote Without Story*
*As seen on Jp’s Facebook page

Auto Graphs
There’s a new Monopoly game piece: a cat. It beat out a robot, guitar, helicopter, and diamond ring as the new addition to the game, thanks to worldwide online voting. The iron was dumped. Seems the racecar had to put up a bit of a fight. Don’t let that happen again to the car.

A Kelley Blue Book poll revealed that a third of those surveyed plan to keep their next vehicle for 10 years or longer. In 2010, the average was six years, and it was 7½ in 2012.

What do you think is the most common reason for people having a car accident? If you said “A talking goat in the back seat,” you’re almost correct. Carinsurance.com said that based on its data from car-insurance shoppers who listed previous incidents, the types of problems started with struck another car at the top of the list, followed by another car striking them. Act of nature was 5.8 percent, while vandalism was 2.4 percent. A little unclear on that one, but we’ll assume it was the goat.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, thefts of SUVs (and crossovers) between January 1, 2008 and June 30, 2012 were highest in California, followed by Texas and Florida. The New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island area had the most theft reports.

2012 Performance Scorecard…it’s what Truecar.com calls how it grades automakers on pricing, sales, customer loyalty, days in inventory, and more. The top manufacturers included Land Rover, Toyota, and Subaru. Mitsubishi, Suzuki, and Saab were the worst.

Live in PA? (Pennsylvania, for you non-hipsters.) You can buy the new “Honoring our Veterans” license plate, which has a flag and an eagle and those words we put in quotes. Fifteen bucks from the sale of each plate will go to the Veterans Trust Fund.

JP Staff Gets Naked
Want to learn more about the people who put together your favorite Jeep magazine? Agreed, you don’t. But some of you have been asking questions, so in each issue, we’ll answer those, no matter how weird they—and you—are. Send your question to jpeditor@sorc.com with the subject line “I Need to Know.” We were going to make that subject line “Get Naked,” but we have enough of those already in our spam folder.

Diesel Ram 1500
The 3.0L EcoDiesel you met last issue in the all-new Grand Cherokee has now made its way into the ’13 Ram 1500. The mill will be hooked to the eight-speed trans. Power figures aren’t yet available. The half-ton’s diesel option will be available around mid-summer.

Department of Oops, I F’d Up, Boss!
In the April ’13 New Products section, a certain staffer goofed on the listing for Obsolete Water Pump Repair, which makes a Willys brake fitting. The correct phone number is 623/205-4482, and the email is waterpumprebuilder@gmail.com.