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Video: Can You Drift a Ford F-450 Dualie? Yes

Rally Driver Tim O’Neil Drifts 8,000 Pound Dualie Truck in Snow

You may recall the YouTube video series “Will it Blend” in which various consumer electronic items were tossed into a blender to see how they’d fare. Expectedly, most did not survive. Of more interest to truck fans is whether big brutes like the Ford F-450 dualie can get sideways in the snow. If championship rally driver Tim O’Neil is behind the wheel, the answer is a definite “yes.”

In this video, O’Neil starts out with the usual prerace safety check, where he dutifully dons a helmet, sets the F-450’s drivetrain to traction control off, and selects “4-Hi” before going for a romp in the powder. In the video, we see O’Neil flinging the 8,000-plus pound truck around like a Lancia. As with most cool-looking stunts involving 4-ton blunt objects moving at a high rate of speed on a low traction surface, the caveat “do not try this at home” applies. However, if you really want to learn how to do it, you can always enroll in O’Neil’s Ohio-based rally school at teamoneil.com, which offers driver training in a variety of safety, tactical security, and motorsports driving.

Source: Team O’Neil Rally via YouTube

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