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VIDEO: Four Draft Horses Extract a Semi from Snowbank

Who Needs Kitty Litter or Tire Chains When You Have Horsepower?

When winter strikes, we journalist types like to tell motorists how to keep from getting stuck. We advise fitting winter tires, carrying emergency snow chains, and keeping a bag of kitty litter or sand on hand to help provide traction in case you start slipping. But as this YouTube video from 2011 proves, probably the coolest way to get unstuck is by contracting the help of your neighbor’s team of draft horses.

The circumstances behind the story are a mystery, but it looks like a truck driver’s luck ran out as he was rounding a bend in the road. After sliding into a ditch, a good Samaritan helped pull him out, but instead of using a four-wheel-drive pickup or SUV to yank the big rig, the helpful bystander hitched up his team of horses.

Those massive beasts of burden (can anyone tell us if they’re Clydesdales or some other breed of horse?) stand easily as high as the Peterbilt tractor’s hood. After struggling a bit for some traction on the icy road, they easily pull the truck out and get the driver back on the terra gelida.

While most of the people within Winter Storm Jonas’ clutches have to find other ways of getting around or getting unstuck, if you’re lucky enough to happen upon a team of workhorses, don’t discount them. This video proves they’re pretty adept at helping their mechanical equivalents out of a bind.

Source: YouTube