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2020 Ford Bronco Rendering From Bronco6G -- Is This It?

Will it look like this?

With the news from Ford about four new SUVs coming in the near future Bronco lovers everywhere, us included, think a sixth-generation Bronco will be one of those SUVs. The team at Brocno6G.com just released what they think the potential future Bronco will look like.

Unlike the Bronco renderings we showed off two years ago, this rendering appears to be based off the F-150 platform, which would be A-OK in our book. The concept posted by the admin at Bronco6g.com features the traditional boxy design of the Bronco with vintage-style front fenders, cool round headlights, a Raptor-esque front bumper, and a killer roof rack we wouldn’t mind loading with gear to hit the trail.

Bronco6G sees the new Bronco competing with the all-new Jeep Wrangler JL platform that will be on the market in 2018. According to Bronco6G’s sources Ford has already purchased Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon’s for testing purposes.

While we love this rendering and wouldn’t be mad if one was in the driveway, we don’t think the new Bronco Ford might make would be this awesome. We do know that the Ranger is coming back sometime around 2018, and hope it’s as awesome as the last generation. The Bronco would most likely be based of that platform, meaning we would get a smaller chassis and would probably be missing a stout V-8 engine. As long as it’s not a unibody crossover with an anemic four-cylinder, it should be pretty awesome.

Picture Courtesy Bronco6G
Source: Bronco6G.com