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Infamous OJ Simpson Ford Bronco Worth $300,000 - Video

The white Bronco garaged for 20 years

Corey SimoneWriterYou TubePhotographer

The white Ford Bronco that 90 million people watched lead the LAPD on a low-speed pursuit through Los Angeles has been living under a blue tarp in a California garage. The crew from Inside Edition was able to see one of the most recognizable vehicles in the world in person and drive it!

The infamous Bronco is now owned by Mike Gilbert, who was OJ’s agent at the time of the pursuit, and has only logged a mere 20 miles on the odometer since it’s been in his possession. He has been offered $300,000 for the Bronco and declined to sell it, instead it will be on display in a crime museum in Tennessee.

After removing the blue tarp that every gearhead is familiar with and a quick jumpstart, the Bronco fired right up and the Inside Edition team became the first journalists to ride in the world’s most notorious Bronco.

No matter where you stand on the OJ Simpson trial the Bronco is one badass 4x4, and with its off-road capability, utilitarian functionality, V-8 engine, awesome styling, and removable top, it’s one of our favorite vehicles. We’ve even speculated on what a new one from Ford would look like, and you can see that one here. With rumors swirling that Ford will be bringing the Bronco back, we can only hope it’s as capable and awesome as the one OJ was riding in during his chase.

Watch this Bronco as it leaves the garage and drives around the streets of central California for the first time below.