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RockAuto Now Offers Omix-ADA Jeep Parts

Parts for the Jeep enthusiast

StaffPhotographerCorey SimoneWriter

Omix-ADA has supplied Jeep enthusiasts with replacement parts for every generation of Jeep, and now you can get their full line of parts and accessories straight from RockAuto. And since Omix-ADA is the world’s largest independent Jeep parts manufacturer, they offer solutions for many problems that Jeep owners may face. From replacing the plastic valve cover on early ’80s inline-six engines to new fuel tanks, body panels, and suspension components for a 1946 CJ-2A.

Omix-ADA doesn’t just offer parts for older Jeeps. They know owners of late-model JKs want to modify their new Jeep as soon as they can with hoods, fenders, lights, and more.

Now that RockAuto.com carries Omix-ADA Jeep parts, you can get everything you need to complete that repair on your Jeep from one store. Omix-ADA is also offering 5 percent off all orders from RockAuto.com for the rest of the year.

With an offer like that, you don’t have any excuses to not fix that broken mirror or worn transmission mount. Get your beloved Jeep in perfect running condition and head out to the trail!

Source: RockAuto