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Land Rover Will Build SVX Discovery For Extreme Off-Road Capability

SVO team plans off-road enhancements for Discovery, Defender

Land RoverPhotographerCorey SimoneWriter

Land Rover is known for making highly capable vehicles. Case in point, the 2016 Ranger Rover Sport SVR won the Four Wheeler of the Year award last year. Going forward, the Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division plans on improving the company’s off-road prowess with an SVX version of the new Discovery 5 and likely the 2019 Defender.

The next generation Discovery will be officially revealed later in this year, and an SVX version would hit showrooms with in two years. The SVX edition Discovery would be Land Rovers upgrade to the capable SUV lineup, offering buyers a vehicle to go to even the most extreme terrains. The Discovery SVX would be aimed at the Middle East, harsh winter areas of the US, and locations with extreme terrain like Australia and South Africa.

Land Rover SVO boss John Edwards is looking to push the boundaries while keeping the brands core values at the forefront of new models. Edwards said, “Every nameplate we produce will be considered for an SVO derivative — we will look at each one and see if we can push the boundaries in any direction. Land Rover is all about bandwidth. What we have done over 65 years is broaden the breadth of capability of our vehicles. We have taken the opportunity with the Sport SVR to go right, and SVX gives us a chance to go left. It’s clear that a result of that will be that the Land Rover proposition will benefit overall…”

Edwards didn’t officially confirm what models would receive the SVX treatment, but with the new SVO headquarters set to open fully soon, they are going to want to show off their capabilities both technologically and mechanically across all models.

With an SVX Discovery in the works, it would be hard for the SVO team to not make the next-generation Defender an SVX model. The Defender is already known for pushing off-road boundaries and it’s go-anywhere capability, and we can only imagine well the SVX version would work.

As soon as we have official word on when the Discovery SVX or Defender SVX will be available, we’ll let you know, and you can bet we will be testing them as we rip through the dirt.