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Jeep Takes on Lion's Back in Moab - Video

This is quite the climb

JeepPhotographerCorey SimoneWriter

Lion’s Back was one of the most epic and popular wheeling spots in Moab. Unfortunately, it has been closed since 2004, but for the 75th anniversary of the Jeep brand and the 100th anniversary of the National Parks, Jeep was able to tame the Lion again.

Jeep was able to take three lucky Jeeps on the epic climb one more time, and it sure looks spectacular. Jeep took on the 65-degree incline over a 350-foot climb and made it look easy and stunning at the same time. One at the top of this famous obstacle the views are worth the white-knuckle challenge, and if the climb wasn’t precarious enough the 180-degree turn at the top should do the trick. The decent is just as nail biting as the climb, with slick rock and the jeeps fighting gravity, there is little margin for error, but these Jeeps make it look easy.

Watch as these lucky Jeeps get the chance to tackle Lion’s Back, which hasn’t been done in 12 years but hopefully will reopen someday.

Source: Jeep