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Jeep News & Rumors
•To put it in a way that won’t make your eyes roll from boredom over financial chat, know that Fiat Chrysler can now look to the future post-buyout and access the Chrysler division’s cash to do a redo of some brands—notably, Jeep.
•The next-gen Wrangler will be the JL?
•Is there truth to the talk of the 5.7L getting off’d? Or is the talk of a total overhaul of the engine more legit?
•Want to win a custom Jeep? The National Rifle Association (NRA) is holding the NRA Truck Raffle Sweepstakes. It’s a ’15 Wrangler built by Jesse James and includes two rifles—and $20,000 cash. There’s a bed, military-spec wheels, custom fenders, and other items. Head to truckraffle.nra.org. You have until September 15, 2016.
•The votes are in, and the YouTube AdBlitz Champion 2016 for automotive was Jeep for its Portraits (putting it in the Number Six overall position). It also won the Super Clio Creative Bowl Winner.

Industry News
•A Jeep race truck for less than $50,000 out of pocket? Tuff Stuff 4x4 and Jeepspeed are the names to watch when it comes to an upcoming Jeep with this unheard-of price, which will include components from Poison Spyder, Yukon, Airaid, General Tire, and other big names. It’s expected to race later this year.
•Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels is a returning sponsor for the 2016 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.
•Universal Technical Institute has reached its 50th anniversary. As of 2016, it has 12 campuses. It started with one in Arizona and only 11 students.

Auto Graphs
•According to Bloomberg, California and Michigan are both trying to get autonomous vehicles to come to their state to do R&D, but Michigan is trying to win by using its potholes as a lure for car-robot makers, who are up for a chunk of the $4 billion in federal funding going toward development of self-drivers. Michigan said its potholes are better and therefore equal more real-world testing.
•On that note, GM has bought Cruise Automation in order to fast-forward its autonomous vehicle tech.
•FICO did a survey. Survey says? 19 percent of Millennials would buy a car with a credit card.
•The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2014 Annual Retail Trade Survey actually has new statistics, which includes that vehicle and vehicle parts dealers had sales of $1 trillion and new-vehicle dealers had sales of $785.1 billion in 2014 (an increase from the $735.1 billion in 2013). Gas stations saw sales decrease, from $547.5 billion in 2013 to $534.7 billion in 2014.
•July 8, 2016: National Collector Car Appreciation Day. Learn more about what this annual celebration is and local events you can attend at semasan.com/ccad.
•The BMW Group counts 2016 as its 100th anniversary.
•The Batmobile is entitled to copyright protection, according to a lower court ruling that agreed with DC Comics, the copyright holder, in a case involving a man who makes replicas. And when it came to the appeal, the Supreme Court decided to not get involved.

“The clubs are going to be the glue that keeps this project together and makes it work. It’s going to take time. We formed a 501(c)(3) group last year. Our next grant will go toward a Master Plan for the whole trail system, so that we can work with the city, county, State and Federal agencies.”—John Strong of the Arizona Peace Trail Committee in a NOHVCC newsletter, regarding the proposed 750-mile Arizona Peace Trail, which would be one of the longest mapped trail systems in the country for OHVs. For two years, 14 clubs have been working on establishing this trail. Learn more at arizonapeacetrail.com.

“Once the new car sharing economy reaches its final frontier, robotic car services will transform the industry, resulting in decreased car ownership, blurred lines between public and private transportation, enhanced social mobility, new infotainment paradigms, and an overall consolidation of the automotive industry.”—Dominique Bonte, managing director and VP at ABI Research. ABI believes that by 2030, 400 million people will rely on robotic car sharing.

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Jeep Moab Concepts
Seven new ideas for Jeeps. Seven possible hints of production Jeeps to come. That’s how we like to read into the seasonal unveiling of concept Jeeps built by Mopar for the annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab. It’s a way for Mopar/Jeep Performance Parts to show off real as well as prototype parts, but we like to look at the big picture and believe in a world where a do-over of the M715 and CJ-5 is possible.

Jeep Comanche: Jeep pickup. Jeep pickup. Hey, it’s a Jeep pickup. It has Renegade DNA, but the wheelbase has been stretched 6 inches for fitting that 5-foot bed, which houses the spare. There’s a steel rear bumper, 2-inch lift kit, rock rails, Jeep Active Drive Lock, and a 2.0L inline-four diesel engine hooked to a nine-speed auto trans. Hey, it’s a diesel.

Jeep Shortcut: An ode to the CJ-5, this was a Wrangler with 26 inches amputated from its overall length. The Shortcut has Dana 44s, a 2-inch lift, Fox shocks, leather bucket seats, rollcage, and 3.6L V-6.

Jeep Crew Chief 715: If you’re thinking Kaiser M715, then Mopar is thrilled that you get what the engineers are doing. It’s a Wrangler Unlimited transformed into a military vibe. Steel bumpers, rock rails, Dana 60s, a 4-inch lift, and 40-inch NDT military tires wrapped around 20-inch beadlock wheels are among the cool things. There’s also an on-board air system, aircraft-ish switches, a cold-air intake, modified exhaust, an upgraded master cylinder brake, and a 5-foot cargo bed.

Jeep FC 150: Seems like it wouldn’t be concept season without an FC concept, and this one is referred to by Jeep as a “heritage vehicle”—built off an ’05 Wrangler chassis and with a 4.0L PowerTech, three-speed auto tranny, Dana 44/60 front/rear axles, steel body, and other items.

Jeep Trailstorm: It’s an Unlimited with concept components, such as 17-inch rims and a fastback soft top. Plus, there’s a 2-inch lift, Dana 44s, vented hood, rock rails, half-doors, steel bumpers, a tire carrier, and a 3.6L V-6 coupled with a five-speed auto.

Jeep Renegade Commander: Kind of the least exciting of the bunch, so that probably equals coming soon. The Commander has a 2-inch lift, MySky open-air roof, rock rails, tweaked exhaust, skisplates, and the 2.4L Tigershark with a nine-speed auto trans.

Jeep Trailcat: Yeah, we buried the lead here. As you anxiously await the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, here’s this appetizer: a 707hp 6.2L Hemi-stuffed concept with a six-speed manual tranny, which required an extra 12 inches of wheelbase (and 2-inch-shorter windshield). Steel bumpers, Dana 60 axles, Fox shocks, 39.5-inch BFG Krawlers, a vented hood, rock rails, and more make up this so-doable rig.

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4x4’s Rockin’ the Park
June 11, 2016
Tamaroa, Illinois
Tamaroa Community Center & Park
Facebook: 4x4’s Rockin’ the Park

Canada Jeep Show
August 13, 2016
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Mapleview Community Church
Facebook: Canada Jeep Show