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2017 Ford Raptor Tackles Goodwood Festival of Speed - Video

Ben Collins takes EcoBoost power to the hill

Corey SimoneWriterYou TubePhotographer

Every year in the United Kingdom, Chichester to be exact, the Goodwood Festival of Speed takes place over three days with several racing events, but the main event is the hill climb. The hill climb is where all kinds of high powered two and four wheel machines keep the skinny pedal mashed as they blast up the famous hill as quickly as possible. This year Ford brought out their new EcoBoost powered 2017 Ford Raptor and handed the keys over Ben Collins, known as the former Stig on Britain’s popular show Top Gear, and let him open it up.

The Ford Raptor was definitely not the fastest vehicle on the track, there are full-blown racecars that take on the hill climb, but the new Raptor looked quick and pretty awesome tearing up the track flat-out. With a new 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine, that we still don’t know the specifications on, come on Ford, the truck smoked the tires off the line and handled the turns like a sports car. Although we miss the sound of the gurgling 6.2L V8, the turbocharged V6 in this truck provided plenty of power to rip up the hill with ease.

Collins even took the Raptor out in the rain, the wet ground and lack of traction didn’t stop him from keeping his foot on the go pedal, he even did a 360 and kept going. After watching this video we definitely can’t wait to get our hands on Ford’s second generation Raptor and give it a test drive of our own.

For more information on the Goodwood festival check out goodwood.com and to drool over the 2017 Raptor head over to ford.com