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2017 Honda Ridgeline Aces Paver Brick Test with Composite Bed

Low-Key Impromptu Test Shows Material’s Toughness

It seems like truck fans just can’t get enough of the back & forth between Chevrolet and Ford and the relative strength and weaknesses of their beds. Chevy claims superior strength with its roll-formed steel bed, while Ford is calling shenanigans on Chevy’s showmanship and dramatization. Well, Honda, in its ever modest, low-key style, decided to do the paver brick drop test in the bed of the 2017 Ridgeline, a truck considered by many traditionalists not to be a “real” truck. Plus, it has a plastic bed. Plastic! The additional wrinkle on the Ridgeline is its famous in-bed trunk. Would the bed and trunk hold up to the punishment of a load of paver stones?

Honda takes a front-loader, similar to the ones used in the Chevy videos, and dumps the concrete blocks from a high height, likely higher than would happen in an actual stone yard. After the drop, the stones are removed from the bed, and the bed floor is swept out with a push broom for a clear look at the bed floor. Aside from some scratching, the bed floor appears largely unscathed. Not only that, the in-bed trunk opens up fine, and the dual-action tailgate operates normally. You’ve got to love Honda’s quiet modesty. After showing how well the composite bed stood up to the test, Honda PR’s Brad Nelson simply stated, “I think we’re ready to go.” Well played, Honda…Well played.

Source: Honda