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CJ Greaves Crushes Crandon TORC Race With PRO2 & PRO4 Wins

Young Greaves’ Clean Sweep

After the dust had settled opening day at the Crandon International Raceway, CJ Greaves was standing atop the podium in the PRO 2WD and PRO 4WD class at this weekend’s TORC race. CJ Greaves was able to earn his first PRO 4WD race of the year and continue his PRO 2WD winning ways with a solid performance in Saturday’s double-header.

The PRO 4WD race was an exciting worst-to-first victory for CJ Greaves. He made his way through the pack and captured the top spot with only a few laps to go after his father Johnny Greaves had to leave the course due to mechanical failure. In addition to winning his first PRO 4WD race of the year, he also set a new record for the fastest lap with a time of 1:18:865, beating his dad’s previous record set five years ago and completing the first-ever 1:18 lap. Explaining how he won, CJ Greaves, the Wisconsin native said, “We just took it one lap at a time, we tried to ease back into it and make sure nothing was broke and this thing held together.” With a clean run, the fastest lap time, and a truck without issues, CJ made quick work of the Crandon track in the PRO 4WD class.

CJ Greaves was able to claim the victory in PRO 2WD as well, beating local favorite Keegan Kincaid, who was forced out of the race due to transmission troubles. An exciting battle between Greaves and Kincaid taking place 10 seconds in front of the rest of the pack, had the fans enthralled. At the hairpin turn, the two became entangled when Greaves came inside and the two trucks were stuck together. Greaves apologized to Kincaid after the race and said, “I came inside and I don't know if he over-rotated, if our nerf bars got tangled together, or what, but I was off the gas all of a sudden and he got stuck on me and we're both trying to turn away from each other and we're both backing up and trying to go forward.”

After getting untangled Greaves was able to get back on track and take the checkered flag, while a transmission problem unrelated to the earlier contact sent Kincaid back to the pits early.

With a solid performance in Crandon Greeves is sitting in first place in both PRO 2WD and PRO 4WD and is ready for the next TORC race in Minneapolis next month. For more information on the TORC series and upcoming events, head over to torcseries.com

PRO 4WD Results:
1 CJ Greaves
2 Mike Jenkins
3 Ross Hoek
4 Chad Hord
5 Scott Douglas
6 Milan Mazanec
7 Johnny Greaves
8 Larry Pegram
9 Kent Brascho
10 Dan Badoux

PRO 2WD Results:
1 CJ Greaves
2 Brad Lovell
3 Rodney Van Eperen
4 Jason DeGrave
5 Keegan Kincaid
6 Nick Tyree
7 Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Source: TORC