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Turning a Ford F-350 Into a Rock Crushing Monster Truck – Dirt Every Day Episode 52

Stuffing 54s on an old Ford

Corey SimoneWriterYou TubePhotographer

Everyone loves a monster truck, especially Fred Williams and Dave Chappelle, and on this episode of Dirt Every Day (DED), that’s exactly what these two geniuses build. Starting with a 1993 Ford F-350, aptly named Crewferd, and just three days to build a monster truck to take on the rocks of Johnson Valley California, the guys got to work on the old Ford right away.

What’s the first thing a monster truck needs? Huge tires of course! This truck wasn’t going to be any different, a set of Mickey Thompson 54-inch Baja Claws was ordered, and the surgery could begin. To turn this crew cab longbed Ford into a rock eating monster truck, some major trimming was in order to stuff a set of 54-inch tires underneath it. The plasma cutter was also called into action making quick work of the pesky sheetmetal.

With the sheetmetal trimmed, the front tires were still not in the clear, so a set of Skyjacker leafsprings with 6 inches of lift were installed, and the highly calibrated knockometer gave the frontend the needed clearance.

Since the Ford isn’t packing the most potent powerplant, a small-block Ford is under the hood and a 203/205 doubler transfer case were installed in place of the stock BorgWarner model doubling our gear reduction so this truck can actually propel the huge tires. With the new transfer case installed a new JE Reel driveshaft was installed connecting that new gearing to the stock rear axle. To make sure the wheels would turn with ease a hydro steering system from PSC was added, so Fred could actually turn the steering wheel when they hit the rocks.

After kicking ass and taking names, Fred and Dave finished the truck in three days and made their way to the toughest rockcrawling trails in America: Johnson Valley. After making their way to the Southern California desert, it was time to see if the freshly built monster truck could take on the dunes and the infamous Turkey Bluff Trail.

See how well old Crewferd did in the latest episode of Dirt Every Day below. If you can’t wait to see more of Fred’s shenanigans, head over to Motor Trend On Demand and you can watch another new episode of DED.