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Inaugural ERX Motor Park TORC Race Weekend Highlights - Video

All-new track was a huge hit

Our first every trip to The Off-Road Championship (TORC) race at the all-new ERX Motor Park in Elk River, Minnesota, was awesome, and we captured the sweet short-course racing that was the highlight of this 300-acre facility. With a technical track that featured everything from huge jumps to a split-lane sand wash and plenty of high-banked turns, the door-to-door racing action was awesome.

ERX Motor Park was originally created to run snow-cross competitions, and owners Chris Carlson and Todd Plaisted had a vision to build the best race facility and pack the hillside with fans. After spending time at the track and talking to racers, we think they nailed it. With more than 6,500 fans in the stands to watch championship racers like CJ Greaves, Johnny Greaves, Kyle Hart and more battle their way around the unforgiving course.

With a new course and pedal-to-the-metal racing there was plenty of flips, rolls and wrecks, luckily our handy cameraman was there to catch the action. With ATV, UTV, and short-course racing this 70-foot wide track provides some of the most exciting off-road racing fans can enjoy without standing in Baja.

The ERX Motor Park should quickly become destination attraction for fans catch thrilling TORC racing. For more information on the next TORC race, visit torcseries.com, and to take a closer look at the ERX Motor Park, visit ERXMotorpark.com.

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