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Miller Multimatic 215 Delivers MIG, TIG, and Stick Welding From One Machine

One welder to do it all

Miller WeldersPhotographerCorey SimoneWriter

The new Miller Electric Multimatic 215 welder packs capability into a lightweight and portable package. With the ability to MIG weld, stick weld, and TIG weld, with the optional kit, mild steel up to 3/8-inch think, this new machine might be perfect for the at-home fabricator.

Weighing in at 38 pounds, this small machine has the ability to help you fabricate, repair, or build nearly anything you want and thanks to the Multi Voltage Plug, you can run it on 120V or 240V with a simple plug change. The new color LCD interface with Auto-Set Elite allow for fine tune settings to be made for multiple materials with ease and will have you laying down perfect beads in no-time.

Using inverter technology give the Multimatic 215 a stable arc with less spatter for less clean up, and the Smooth-Start give a consistent start to every MIG arc. Andy Maylish, a Hendrick Motorsports chassis fabricator, has been impressed with the 215, saying, “We love the versatility of the Multimatic 215, we go from TIG welding control arms to MIG welding chassis in no time. It’s easy to set up, has a beautiful weld and the TIG Lift Arc is awesome.”

With the Quick Select drive roll, switching between wire sizes is a snap, offering three groves: two for different sized solid-wire and one for flux-cored wire. The Multimatic 15 also auto detects when a Spoolmate is connected, making the switch to MIG welding aluminum that much easier.

Efficiency has bee improved as well, with the Fan-On-Demand system the 215 only cools when it needs to, saving energy and reducing shop noise. With the ability to weld nearly any material whether your in the shop or not, the Multimatic 215 is perfect for light fabrication, repairs, and maintenance and may save some space in your shop. With a starting price of $1,449 for the base unit, and $1,809 with the TIG kit, you get a machine that is much more than an old wire feeder. For more information on the Multimatic 215, visit millerwelds.com and stay tuned for an upcoming in-depth review right here on fourwheeler.com

Source: Miller Welds