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2017 Can-Am Maverick X3 Brings Heat to Polaris RZR

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We’ve come a long way since the days when people were modding Yamaha Rhinos, doing everything they could to make them sportier, faster, more stable, and in the case of the tippy bed-mounted seats, more family friendly. Today the side-by-side market has evolved into a diverse market encompassing everything from four-seaters nearly as large as cars to purpose-built performance machines built purely for having fun, with only vestigial nods to their utilitarian roots. Can-Am is making its boldest statement yet in the performance side-by-side arena with the 2017 Maverick X3.

The most obvious competitor is the Polaris RZR. Polaris offered a turbocharged version of the RZR for the 2016 model year, but no turbocharged models are listed (yet) for the 2017 model year. Compared with last year’s RZR turbo, the Maverick X3 makes 10 more horsepower for a total of 154 and 8 lb-ft more torque for a total of 113 lb-ft, courtesy of a turbocharged and intercooled Rotax 900cc triple. Power hits the dirt through a high-performance QRS-X CVT transmission. An extra-wide and thick drive belt is built for durability, and integrated cooling fins on the pulleys helps dissipate heat for optimum performance.

All three of the Maverick X3 trims: the X3, X3 X ds, and X3 X rs, feature Fox Podium-series shocks with 20 inches of suspension travel standard. The flagship X rs features Fox 3.0 Podium RC2 shocks with 22 inches of front travel and a massive 24 inches of rear suspension travel, 15 inches of ground clearance, and 14-inch aluminum beadlock wheels.

Prices start at $22,999 for the X3, $24,999 for the X3 X ds, and $26,699 for the X3 X rs. Transportation and prep are not included in the price. The 2017 Maverick X3 will be available at Can-Am dealers in September and is available for order now.

Source: Can-Am

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