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Bryce Menzies Breaks Record, Shoulder in New Mexico

Truck Goes More Than 370 Feet, Breaks Shoulder in Practice Crash

The quote, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly,” is attributed to former U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy. However, that quote seems appropriate to desert racing superstar Bryce Menzies and his attempt to break the world record for the longest jump in a race truck. This past weekend, in preparation for a public event in New Mexico, Menzies broke the previous unofficial and official truck jump world records of 301 feet and 332 feet with a Guinness World Record–verified 379.4 feet. The record-setting jump was achieved during a practice run for an event the upcoming weekend, Bryce Menzies New Frontier powered by Pennzoil Synthetics.

Menzies continued practicing after the record-setting jump and unfortunately had a serious crash that resulted in severe damage to his truck and a broken shoulder. Menzies is sponsored by Red Bull Racing, as well as BFGoodrich tires. Menzies has won such noted off-road races as the Baja 500, Mint 400, the TORC Pro 2 Championship, and the Red Bull Frozen Rush. Menzies has also competed internationally in the Italian Baja, Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, and Hungarian Baja in 2016. You can watch the video of the record-setting jump below.