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Nissan Announces Pricing of 2017 Pathfinder, Armada

Bread-and-Butter SUVs Get Price Bumps for 2017

The 2017 Nissan Pathfinder and Armada are getting price bumps for 2017, befitting the Pathfinder’s refresh and the Armada’s total redesign.

The 2017 Pathfinder now starts at $29,990, a bump up from the $29,830 a base Pathfinder S with front-wheel drive cost for 2016. From there, however, prices actually go down for most Pathfinder models. A 2017 SV will start at $32,680, down from $33,150, while a 2017 SL will demand $35,700, down from $36,410 for 2016. The 2016 SL Tech and SL Premium are no longer available, and the 2017 Platinum gets a slight price increase from $41,610 to $41,870. All-wheel drive adds $1,690 to any trim level, as it did on the 2016 Pathfinder.

While the 2017 Pathfinder sees a slight increase in base price (and a decrease on some trim levels), the 2017 Armada will be significantly more expensive than the out-of-production 2015. Back then, a two-wheel-drive Armada SV would cost $38,510, while the same model costs $44,400 for 2017. Blame the Armada’s substantial redesign, switching from the F-Alpha platform (shared with the previous-generation Titan) to the Y62 platform that underpins the Infiniti QX80 and foreign-market Nissan Patrol. From the base SV, pricing increases commensurately: Plan on spending $49,150 on an Armada SL and $57,090 on an Armada Platinum, and add $2,900 to each of those prices if you want four-wheel drive.

While the price increase on the Armada is substantial, it befits a more modern platform. Plus, it still undercuts the pricing on some of the Armada’s domestic competition, like the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon. Additionally, we're happy to see more off-road–friendly SUVs on the American market, and the Nissan Patrol's excellent reputation abroad will please would-be Land Cruiser shoppers turned off by that model's high price.

Expect to see the next generation of Nissan family SUVs in dealer lots as you read this.

Source: Nissan