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SEMA Urgently Needs Your Help Saving the California OHV Program

Help SAN keep the OHMRV program separate

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The SEMA Action Network (SAN) needs your help to save the California OHV program from merging with the California Department of Parks and Recreation. Your emails, comments, and presence are needed to prevent this merger, which would allow dedicated OHV funds to be used on programs unrelated to OHV management.

To help stop this merger email Lisa Mangat, the director of California Parks and Recreation at info@parks.ca.gov and voice your opposition. SAN has several points you can use to respectfully to voice you concern:

-California’s Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMRV) program was established in 1971. The state uses OHV user taxes and fees directly fund OHV management and facility maintenance.
-The OHMRV program is uniquely different from other California Department of Parks and Recreation programs since it covers federal lands in addition to state parks.
-The OHMRV program provides funds to local, state and federal agencies, educational institutions and nonprofit entities for OHV management.
-The OHMRV program should remain separate from the Department of Parks and Recreation so as to protect a dedicated-funding program that has been a worldwide model of success. This will ensure that OHV-user fees are only used for OHV management.

There is an upcoming open house where this potential merger will be discussed and you can show your support for the OHV community in person. The open house will take place in the city of Ontario on Thursday, August 11, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., and SAN encourages you to attend. The meeting will take place at the following location:

Double Tree Hotel (by the Ontario airport)
222 N. Vineyard Avenue
Ontario, CA 91764

Help keep the Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMRV) separate from the Parks and Recreation department and the fees and taxes where they belong, managing statewide OHV areas that enthusiasts use on a regular basis.

For more information about the SAN, check out semasan.com, where you can find out about more legislative action that needs your support.

Source: SEMA Action Network