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Trail Hero Works With UPLA To Save Sand Mountain OHV Access

A Land Trade Between BLM And A Private Owner Endangers Sand Mountain OHV Recreation Area

Trail Hero presented by CargoGlide, is an off-road rock sports event benefiting the Utah Public Lands Alliance (UPLA) for one reason, and one reason alone. To keep our public lands accessible to the public. Sand Mountain OHV Area is in danger of closing if the BLM moves forward with a land swap.

The new owner has plans to develop Sand Mountain Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA). His current property has the Mojave desert tortoise inhabiting it, which is an endangered species, and the BLM want to protect the tortoise. Sand Mountain SRMA is where Trail Hero will take place October 5 – 8, 2016.
Since 1990, the Mojave desert tortoise was found on the property Mr. Robert Brennan owns, and a legal battle has ensued to save the property from development. In 2012, Mr. Brennan approached the Washington County Habitat Conservation Advisory Committee to exchange part of his 821.59 acres of tortoise inhabited property for 1,200 acres of Sand Mountain SRMA (our OHV area). The Committee alerted the County Commissioners to notify the BLM that they should begin the process of the 1,200 acres at Sand Mountain for only a portion of the 821.59 acres that Mr. Brennan owned. In order to do so, the BLM would have to amend the Resource Management Plan for Sand Mountain, which clearly states it is it shall remain open for Open OHV travel (see the RMP in the Federal Register for Monday, May 10, 2010, Volume 75, No 89, Page 25877, Paragraph 7.)

What does that mean for recreational OHV wheelers and buggy riders? Closure if the land swap moves forward. We need to fight the land swap. We need to show that Sand Mountain and Sand Hollow Reservoir are used by OHV enthusiasts, and used immensely.
If the land swap moves forward, the way the Utah law is written there must be a buffer between developed areas and motorized recreation. That buffer equates to the entire access of Sand Mountain SRMA OHV area. We will be shut out from not only miles upon miles of trails, but also sand dunes, slick rock, and lets not forget some of the most unique scenery accessible by OHV that our special needs access and veterans.
Hence why Trail Hero was conceived.

To help keep Sand Mountain SRMA open. All proceeds go to Utah Public Lands Alliance to fight to keep Sound Mountain open to OHV access.
To find out more about Trail Hero presented by CargoGlide, go to www.thetrailhero.com. To find out more about the land swap, donate to help fight the land swap, and learn about Utah Public Lands Alliance (UPLA) visit www.UtahPLA.com.