Nissan Planning a Crowd-Sourced, Overland-Themed Armada “Mountain Patrol”

Mountain Patrol to Debut at Overland Expo West

Nissan will allow its fans to crowd-source the company’s latest custom build. Like former projects, the Nissan Armada “Mountain Patrol” will follow an overlanding theme, with a rooftop tent, rugged front and rear bumpers, and other bug-out toys.

Nissan is requesting its fans hit the Nissan Trucks USA Facebook and Instagram pages every Thursday to cast their ballots in the following three categories: tire model, exterior vinyl wrap design, and roof-mounted tent. Voting ends on May 10, just in time for the Mountain Patrol to make its debut at the 2018 Overland Expo WEST on May 18. Fans can follow the voting process using the hashtag #MountainPatrol, and voting happens via the brand's live Instagram and Facebook stories.

The Mountain Patrol—so named because of the Armada’s genealogical link to the global Nissan Armada and its legendary off-road chops—will also get off-road lighting, suspension enhancements, recovery gear, and more. The Mountain Patrol is a good match for the winter-themed Snow Patrol, as well as the Nissan Titan Project Basecamp from last year’s Overland Expo. The company’s first crowd-sourced truck was the previous-generation Project Titan, a vehicle designed in collaboration with the Wounded Warrior Project.

Source: Nissan Trucks (via Facebook and Instagram)

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