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Spy Photos Jeep Truck Testing Continues

Spied the Jeep JT

Traci ClarkPhotographer, Writer

We spied the Jeep JT Truck undergoing some durability testing at altitude. The wind was in our favor as it lifted the nylon cover away to expose the heavily camouflaged JT. We were able to make a swift walk around of the vehicle that was hitched to a weighted trailer. The first thing that we noticed was the 285/70R17 Falken Wildpeak AT tires. This is a departure from the BFG tires we have seen on previous test vehicles and brings up the question; is Falken be the new tire of choice for Jeep? Another thing we took note of on the camo covering was 2 zippered areas where we assume the fuel door(s) will be located, one on each side. Does this mean the possibility of dual fuel tanks at some point? The rear of the JT shows a beefy step bumper and the illusion of a flare towards the top of the tailgate. You can see the spare tire mounted underneath as is common with most pickups and SUV’s. Moving to the rear passenger side, we couldn’t help but notice the exhaust system, it is most obvious and makes us wonder what is hiding under the hood. Should Jeep leave its location as it is, our first bolt on accessory would be an exhaust skid plate.