Ford Torture-Tests 2019 Ranger Pickup in New Video

Arizona Desert and Australian Outback Put Their Mark on Midsize Truck

Ford wants you to believe the 2019 Ranger midsize pickup is a battle-tested, rugged machine, and it’s providing evidence to support that. Eager to prove the 2019 Ranger fits in with the rest of the “Built Ford Tough” lineup, the company released a video on YouTube today, showing the Ranger in a variety of situations.

Aside from the more predictable off-road trails, the most interesting thing about the video is the Silver Creek track, a course at the Michigan Proving Grounds. Apparently, Silver Creek’s impact harshness is so severe that Ford needs to use robots to carry out the testing to prevent human injury. The company also subjects the 2019 Ranger to days’ worth of testing on a shake table, helping ensure the truck remains free of squeaks and rattles even after hard use.

Then, after controlled-environment testing is complete, the Ford Ranger is taken to the famed Davis Dam grade in Arizona for towing certification. Finally, the company subjects the truck to the heat, dust, and jagged rock of the Australian Outback.

Now, a video published by Ford on YouTube is hardly proof the Ranger has the stuff to stand up to real truck work. That’s something that can only be ascertained after driving the 2019 Ranger on our own.

Source: Ford

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