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New Yokohama Geolandar X-MT

Adding an extreme edition to the Geolandar tire line

Coming to the United States on July 1st, 2018, is Yokohama’s newest addition to the Geolandar lineup—the Geolandar X-MT.

Fardad Nikham of Yokohama tells us, “For an extreme off-road tire with tenacious grip and killer looks, the GEOLANDAR X-MT also offers outstanding treadwear and on-road handling to provide consumers – from rock-crawlers to truck enthusiasts – with an exceptional balance of performance and value.”

The Geolandar X-MT certainly looks the part of “aggressive off-road tire” with deep treads on the shoulders and sidewalls. The blocks not only grab your eye, but also work to clean themselves of mud and debris while wheeling. Air these tires down and those shoulder blocks will grab even more of the trail. Don’t worry, Yokohama tells us the tread pattern has been designed with your ears in mind—the tread pattern is said to give a quiet and comfortable ride on the road.

Yokohama’s new GEO-SHIELD construction gives the tire full-nylon cover, three-ply construction, and extra thickness on the sidewalls to ward off flats.

The high-density triple-polymer compound is designed to give the X-MT exceptional treadwear on the road while still resisting cuts and chips on the trails.

Expect to see these tires in ten sizes upon release. Fitment includes 17- to 20-inch wheels, with outside diameters up to 40 inches.

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