Dirt Every Day Episode 79— Woodchuck the Scratch-Built Wood Truck

Fred and Dave bring and old project back to life!

Remember Van Hack? Back in 2011, the Dirt Every Day crew put a garden-variety ’79 Ford van under the knife, reciprocating saw, and plasma cutter to see just how much difference weight loss really makes. Well, Van Hack is back, rebuilt, and (hopefully) better than ever!

When Fred Williams and Dave Chappelle found the old van sitting derelict on a friend’s ranch, they figured it was time to resurrect the old van and build it into a workhorse ranch truck. As described by Fred Williams himself, “I think we should get rid of all the rusty, dangerous, sharp edges and kinda build a brand-new truck!” Enter Woodchuck, the Scratch-Built Wood Truck.

If you thought there wasn’t anything left on the van to modify, Fred and Dave, with the help of Tire Rack and a handful of friends, tear even deeper into the old van, and make it a wood-chuckin’ donut-spinnin’ machine.

Motor Trend OnDemand is the place to be Monday, June 25th if you want to see Fred and Dave breathe new life into the old Van Hack project and, as you’ve come to expect from Dirt Every Day, engage in some four-by-four fun and frivolity in Woodchuck, the Scratch-Built Wood Truck.


Source: Motor Trend OnDemand

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