Airborne at Angel Stadium: Auto Enthusiast Day 2018

Full-throttle fun for drifting and dirt fans

Driving Line and Nitto Tire teamed up and brought automotive enthusiasts together outside the Angel Stadium of Anaheim for a day of tire-smokin’, high-horsepower fun.

Before the show opened to the public, we got a look at something new and exciting from Nitto Tire—the popular Ridge Grappler, now available in hard metric sizes. We sped over rumble strips, twisted through a chicane, and laid hard into the turns as we noted the compliant ride offered by the tires.

As the gates opened, fans packed the show and made their way amongst the vendor booths. We took a few laps around the show, looking for some of the coolest rides on display.

This overlanding setup was one of the only rigs with noticeable dirt.

Fitted with plenty of LED lights, this Tundra was lacking the front driveshaft we were hoping to find powering the front wheels.

With the help of a step stool and a pair of hands, professional wrestler Bill Goldberg was able to climb aboard Casey Currie’s race rig for a ride around the drift track.

Having only returned from Mexico hours before the show, Casey Currie was still able to slide his truck effortlessly around the track to the delight of fans.

Nick Nelson and Loren Healy took to the skies in their Ultra4 rigs, flying high above the blacktop.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. is a professional fun-haver. He is skilled in the art of driving sideways and sliding hair-raisingly close to the concrete barriers of the drift course.

We walked the entiire show and brought back a handfull of our favorite rigs in the gallery below.

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