Episode 25 of The Truck Show Podcast: 417,000-Mile 2005 Nissan Titan

Ted Moncure of TRD and Transamerican Wholesale, 2005 Nissan Titan Goes the Distance, and Inbox

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Ted Moncure, former TRD product development manager for Toyota and current director of development for Transamerican Wholesale, spends some time in-studio talking about the rise of TRD trucks inside Toyota and what it takes to develop a quality lift kit in today’s competitive market. Ted shares his love of desert racing and what it is like to commute to work by airplane. The guys also talk to the original owner of an ’05 Nissan Titan with 417,000 miles on it to figure out just how well a Titan holds up and what maintenance is really required to reach the 400,000-mile mark.

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