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Massive Payout for Inaugural Robby Gordon Off-Road Championships at Glen Helen

Super Stadium Trucks to race at Glen Helen for the first time

SST officials have announced plans for the Robby Gordon Off-Road World Championships to take place Friday, November 30, through Sunday, December 2, at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, California.

Southern California is a place where off-ooad truck racing, motocross, freestyle motocross, and the UTV industry all collide on a daily basis. Glen Helen Raceway provides the ultimate location to host a large-scale event combining all four disciplines.

“The Glen Helen Raceway campus provides the perfect location for us to host large crowds for a weekend long event with EPIC racing, camping, music, and venders all close to the Los Angeles area,” Stated Stadium SUPER Trucks President, Robby Gordon.

Set against a mountain side north of San Bernardino, California, on 256 acres of shared county property, the Glen Helen Raceway was built in 1985 to host several sand drag, off-road, and motocross events at various tracks constructed over the years. However, it was the annual stop for the Motocross National event that put Glen Helen on the map with its National MX track. Famous for its steep hills, jumps, and banking, it offers the perfect combination of extreme obstacles for the various disciplines the Robby Gordon Off-Road World Championships will feature, as all classes will look to conquer the ever challenging outdoor motocross track.

The 2018 Off Road Word Championships will feature two unique classes of motocross: Unlimited Pro MX (250 2-stroke vs. 450) and 125/250 Pro MX (125 2-stroke vs. 250 4-stroke). The best riders from all around the world will be on hand to battle for one of the richest purses of the year with the Unlimited Class battling for $20,000 cash to the overall winner, while the 125/250 MX riders will have their own $10,000 overall prize to go after.

“I am very excited about Robby Gordon’s Off-Road World Championships coming to Glen Helen Raceway this year. As a long-time off-road enthusiast, I myself can remember all the excitement that was shared at places like Riverside Raceway in the 70’s with these Mickey Thompson style events. Glen Helen is on board and ready to do everything possible to make it a truly unique race experience for everyone,” said Glen Helen Raceway principle Bud Feldkamp.

UTV Pro is Quickly becoming one of the most popular, and most affordable forms of off-road racing today. The UTV division will feature two different classes--the turbo and normally aspirated cars. The two classes will be competing together for a large $10,000 overall prize. There will also be an FMX Best Trick contest and a Jump Content open to pre-runners, desert trucks, short course trucks, and UTVs.