Adding Durability and Tire Clearance to our Wrangler With Bushwacker Aluminum Fender Flares

Plastic parts are made for toys, not Jeeps

From the factory, our ’17 JK Wrangler’s plastic fender flares got in the way when we disconnected the sway bars and fully articulated the suspension. Our temporary solution was a set of aftermarket plastic fender flares.

Though these were lightweight and easy to install, they suffered some serious trail abuse when we dragged the Jeep through V-notches and bashed it against trees.

We needed fender flares that could deflect blows from trailside obstacles while maintaining tire clearance and still looking sharp while parked on the curb.

We set out to install the Bushwacker Aluminum Fender Flares, which came complete with all necessary hardware and brackets, as well as detailed instructions. It was helpful to have a heavy-duty nutsert tool on hand for parts of the install.

The final step was wiring the included turn signal lamps into the Jeep’s blinkers.

Testing the fender flares involved many hard miles of rock crawling where the rear flares happily skidded past obstacles, instead of crumpling—like our factory rear bumper did.

We also made sure to get into some muddy roads and snow to see how the flares performed. They passed with flying muddy colors!

In our professional opinion, the Bushwacker Aluminum Fender Flares look far better covered in dirt and snow.

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