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Jeep Truck Spied Testing in Nevada

On a recent weekend we were in southern Nevada covering an off-road race and spotted Jeep’s new truck model. Jeep hasn’t released a pickup truck since the early ’90s. The automakers like to use Death Valley as a testing ground due to its sandy and rocky terrain. This is not the first time we caught the vehicle being tested. In April we spied a trailer hooked up to the truck in higher altitudes. Previous spy photos showed off-road Falken tires. The truck we spotted had street tires. They were dirty and suggested the vehicle was driven off-road.

The engineer driving the truck was very quick to get out of range, but not before we snapped a few photos.

Here is what we know about the truck. It is an obvious four-door model. The engine is gas, but we can only speculate Jeep will be bringing a diesel version to the market as they have done with previous vehicles. It appears to have a shortbed much like its other midsize competitors. We know it will be based on the current JL Wrangler. Dealers have reportedly been told the truck will arrive in showrooms in April 2019. We can only speculate Jeep will go public with the truck at one of the upcoming auto shows. In 2017 Jeep released the JL Wrangler at the Los Angeles Auto Show. So far the new Jeep truck doesn’t have an official name, so we can only speculate what it could be called. JT has a nice ring to it and keeps with Jeep’s tradition of naming vehicles.