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VIDEO: Casey Currie Hammerdown To Havasu

Monster Energy and Nitto Tire just released a new action-packed viral video on Youtube. The video entitled Hammerdown To Havasu, features driver Casey Currie racing his 850-horsepower Currie Enterprises Ultra4 car through the streets of Oatman ghost town and down along route 66. Currie continues past iconic Colorado River destinations into Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

In the video, Currie can be seen racing a boat along the famous channel in Havasu. We won’t spill the beans on who won the race.

Currie also flies over a line-up of junkyard cars, landing his rear tire on the last car at the end of the line.

He also pulls off one of the most famous western movie stunts of all time. Currie crashes through an old travel trailer sending a million pieces of the trailer flying into the air. Its safe to say the impact and horsepower of his machine totally destroyed the trailer.

Finally Currie makes it into Lake Havasu’s famous channel and the iconic London Bridge that was relocated from the River Thames in London in 1967.

The video is set to a western theme. We think this video is awesome and the perfect distraction for your workday! Watch for yourself.

SOURCE: Monster Energy