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#MTSEMA18: 4-Wheel-Independent Suspension for Jeep JK

Rego 4x4 makes the REX, a four-wheel-independent suspension system

Stuart A. BourdonPhotographer, Writer

Every once in a while we see one of these. A company decides to produce an independent front suspension or a full four-wheel-independent suspension system for the Jeep Wrangler JK. We often see them at the SEMA Show, and then they are never seen or heard from again. Here’s the newest.

Rego 4x4 makes suspension and drivetrain systems for a number of lightweight vehicles, and this year it debuted the REX. Rego’s REX system is designed for the Jeep JK and claims that the system is a bolt-on kit that requires no change or damage (we think that means welding and cutting) to the frame. Doubling the wheel travel to a whopping 20 inches on a standard JK chassis is also claimed. The patented drop-geared center differentials (imagine portal axle ends, but on the center differential) that are part of the front and rear independent suspension systems stay tucked up and out of the way. Center ground clearance is said to be increased by 3 inches.

It seems to be built from substantially sized steel (no specs were available), and the construction (welding) looked very good. This isn’t exactly new, but it is certainly a new take on four-wheel-independent suspension for the Jeep JK. What do you think? Would you do this to your JK? For more information, check out rego4x4.com.