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VIDEO: The Fastest Way to Get Your Christmas Tree Home

What is the fastest way to get your Christmas tree home? If you are off-road racer Kyle LeDuc and you happen to own a 900hp Pro 4 race truck, the solution is simple. Drive to your local Christmas tree farm, select the perfect fir, strap it to the top of the truck, and race home—all on unpaved backroads, of course.

A new viral video called “A LeDuc Christmas” just launched from sponsors Toyo Tires, King Shocks, and Monster Energy. The video shows Kyle picking out the perfect Christmas tree near his home. He drags it to his Pro 4 race truck and straps it to the roof. He then races home with it, but not before doing a few mandatory donuts in the parking lot. LeDuc rallies around hairpin turns on a mountain road and gets mega air on a 235-foot jump. The video shows plenty of slideways action that Pro 4s are known for.

We won’t spoil the ending, but there are consequences when you drive 100 mph in the dirt and rally around corners with a 6-foot Douglas fir strapped to the top. Let’s just say it probably won’t be in the same shape as it started. This video is the perfect amount of off-road hoonage to get you in the Christmas spirit.