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Polaris Adds Velocity to Turbo S Lineup

Polaris is adding a new model to its lineup. The Polaris RZR XP Turbo S Velocity will come in two- and four-seat configurations. The Velocity is built with stronger axles, high-clearance control arms, and a stronger drive system.

Polaris also reinforced the chassis on the Velocity. The side-by-side features improve cooling. Considered an upgrade to the standard Turbo S models, the Velocity will maintain 168 hp and the 72-inch stance. Also unchanged are the 32-inch tires and 16-inch ground clearance.

The Velocity will come with 3-inch aluminum Walker Evans Velocity Shocks. They feature high- and low-speed compression adjustment. The shocks increase stability through high-speed whoops.

“We designed the Velocity models in response to drivers seeking the ultimate combination of performance and value,” said Vice President of ORV Marketing for Polaris Industries Kyle Duea.

Polaris has recalibrated throttle mapping on the Velocity, giving drivers more immediate and improved control. The clutch box has been redesigned for better airflow, decreasing the belt temperature.

The Turbo S Velocity will be available in a Titanium Metallic paint scheme. Pricing for the two-seat model will ring in at $25,399. The four-seat model will retail for $28,399. Both current XP 4 Turbo S models will also be available with the new Titanium Metallic paint scheme.