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The Biggest And Baddest at Tierra Del Sol 2019

It wasn't only Jeeps in Ocotillo Wells this year

Jered KorfhagePhotographer, Writer

We donned goggles and dust masks and settled in behind our trusty camera lenses to show you what Tierra Del Sol 2019 had to offer.

54-inch tires, Rockwell axles, and an oil-burning powerplant had us intrigued.

Even the milder obstacle courses at the 4x4 Training Area were sure to bring a show to anyone willing to watch.

Justin Hutchinson’s Chevy was far from stock—with a custom rollcage, 42-inch tires, dovetailed bed, and a suspension designed to twist and flex over gnarly obstacles.

The tougher man-made courses drew big crowds of showgoers.

This Ramcharger was decked with ample LED lighting.

Bronco on 40s? Yes, please.

Four doors, Boggers, and a Chevy badge had us excited.

We’ll leave this right here for ya.

A go-fast Chevy Avalanche.

Colors might not match but we don’t care.

GenRight Off Road put on a show with the New Mickey Thompson Baja Pro X tires which wrapped around the obstacles like warm molasses.

Flaming Chevy!

The gallery below has the rest of what we found at TDS 2019!