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Andy McMillin Wins SCORE San Felipe 250

SCORE International held its season opener in San Felipe over the weekend. The course was expanded to 349 miles. San Felipe, located on the Sea of Cortez side of the Baja Peninsula, is known for huge whoops sections and sandy terrain, all of which can lash out a punishing beating on even the best-prepped race trucks.

With a little luck, 31-year-old Andy McMillin battled the rough terrain in his Red Bull–backed Trophy Truck. McMillin is a Baja veteran and beat out 44 other Trophy Truck drivers for the win. He suffered two flat tires and rolled the truck early in the race. “That was the most intense day of racing I’ve ever had. We rolled the truck about halfway through the race, but we landed on our wheels and kept pushing,” said McMillin. McMillin finished the race in 6 hours, 4 minutes, 26 seconds.

Out of a total of 239 starters, 164 racers actually finished the San Felipe 250. Other wins went to the Wilson Class 1 team, Austin Jones in Trophy Spec, and Cesar Cuevas in Class 10.

McMillin’s finishing position at the San Felipe 250 will automatically allow him to start first at the upcoming Baja 500 in June. SCORE changed the rules this year, making San Felipe the qualifier for the Baja 500.