Driving Topless and Doorless to Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2019 #EJS2019

We heard some Jeeps to go Moab on trailers?

Temps reached into the 80s just before the sun sank beneath the horizon. Once it gets cold on the highway, outerwear goes from "day at the beach" to "show no skin—the wind will freeze you."

Temps eventually got below the frosty 40 degrees to which we programmed our Dometic fridge, stowed behind the Jeep's seat. So, the soda in the cup holder is colder than the soda in the fridge?

We didn't drive straight through the night, but we didn't camp either. A passerby on this dirt road at sunrise would have seen the Jeep's pilot wrapped in a sleeping bag, still upright in the driver seat.

With the sun shining and blood once again flowing to the lower extremeties, we found our way into Utah, and eventually to the Slickrock Capitol of the Jeep World.

Watch the video, and keep checking fourwheeler.com and our social media outlets for EVERTHING Jeep this week (and a few things that aren't!)

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