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#EJS2019 Five Cool Finds At The Vendor Show

See the cool off-road goods we discovered at the Vendor Show

The new ARB Jack was standing on its support platform, offering a hydraulic solution to vehicles in need of a quick raise. The Jack can lift upwards of 4,000 pounds, lifts in half-inch strokes, and weighs in at 23 pounds.

BDS Suspension showcased its new long-arm lift kit for the JL Wrangler, featuring contoured lower control arms for increased ground clearance, and more.

MetalCloak has a new solution to the last inches of your JL’s suspension travel— DuroSpring Front and Rear Jounce Bumper Replacements. With no moving parts or serviceable components, the bumpstops are a simple and effective way to improve control and comfort on your new Wrangler.

Forget bugout bags, this bag gets you home safely! Comes loaded with essentials to keep you safe on the trail, roadside, or anywhere you need it.

Black Series brought a convoy of off-road campers to the show, each with impressive trail capability, camp functionality, and interior luxury to match.