Jeep Teases Moab Concept Vehicles

Every year Jeep unveils concept vehicles during Easter Jeep Safari in Moab. These are themed Jeeps made by the designers at FCA in Detroit. The designers get very creative with concept Jeeps, and the vehicles celebrate Jeep’s heritage. One can only imagine what creativity the designers will incorporate into their concepts this year.

Based on the teaser images we have, it looks like the designers went all out on a Gladiator. It would make sense to bring Jeep’s newest truck, which just went into production. It is highly possible we could see a Safari theme with one of the trucks. Jeep usually keeps its concept themes under wraps until the official unveiling.

Past concept vehicles from the Jeep designers have included a nostalgic Wagoneer Roadtrip that celebrated life traveling on the road. Last year’s Sandstorm Concept from Jeep was a huge hit. The vehicle was built on the JL platform wrapped in a bright orange color. It featured a King shock suspension package. The Jeep was ready to hit the dunes or Baja peninsula for some fun, fast wheeling.

Jeep considers Moab to be the ultimate off-road destination for wheeling. The engineers and designers at Jeep use the concept vehicles to start a conversation with their core customers about what they would like to see in a Jeep. The designers will take the Moab feedback to Detroit, where they could possibly incorporate some of the suggestions into the next-generation Jeep. The 2019 Jeep concept vehicles will be officially unveiled in two weeks at Easter Jeep Safari, and we can’t wait to see what the designers have come up with.