FourWheeler 1.3: The Custom LJ Buggy Starts to Look Like a Jeep

Lines, Wires, and Rivets

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FourWheeler Show Description: If it has wheels and goes off road, Ian Johnson will work on it! In FourWheeler we work on everything from upgrading your daily driving Jeep, to building a custom tube chassis rock crawler. Ian takes you along for the "do it yourself" ride as we tackle everything from simple "bolt-ons" to full on fabrication. Find it here!

Season 1, Episode 3: Custom LJ Buggy-Part 3 - The chassis on the Jeep LJ has been powder coated, so now it's time for final assembly. Ian will bolt everything in place and fabricate the body panels just in time to send it all to paint.

In the third episode of FourWheeler (Custom LJ Buggy-Part 3), the custom tube chassis LJ starts to look more like a Jeep. Thanks to some essential donor body parts off of a $500 Jeep TJ—including the wiper cowl and the top of the door sills—and some aftermarket quarter panels, the off-road buggy starts to look more like a vehicle. A custom fiberglass hood designed to mate a TJ hood to a CJ front grille takes a little finesse to make fit within the framework of the tube chassis, but will add a nice touch when finished. All of this is easier said than done, of course, as the whole process takes tons of test fitting, cutting, tacking, and grinding to perfect. But boy does she look pretty clad in body panels and sitting on 20-inch beadlocks wrapped in 42s.

Ian Johnson also tackles the steering setup, opting for a full hydraulic steering system. He assembles and plumbs the brake system. He addresses cooling options, which will be handled by some Derale products. Lastly, he installs a factory TJ gas tank.

Nothing has been a final draft so far, as it all has to come apart for more welding and powdercoating before final assembly begins.

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