10 New Off-Road Tires from 2019 SEMA

From Civil All-Terrains to Insane 58-inch Monsters

If there's one thing you can count on every year at the SEMA show it's plenty of 4x4 builds sporting the newest off-road tires on the market. And this year was no exception. From teeny UTV tires to all-terrain truck and SUV offerings to Mickey Thompson's newest 58-inch monster that makes a 43-inch mud terrain look like a rental car's donut spare, the 2019 SEMA show had plenty of cool new off-road rubber to gawk at. Here's some that we stumbled upon today. Keep your eyes on fourwheeler.com for more SEMA updates and follow #MTSEMA19 for highlights and coverage.

1-Mickey Thompson Baja Pro XS
If you're looking for the most aggressive street-legal bias-ply tire on the market, the Mickey Thompson Baja Pro XS is the new king. Coming in 10 sizes from 35x13.50-17 up to a massive 58x21-24, the directional tread design with huge scooping lugs and angled shoulder scallops are sure to perform in a wide variety of terrain.

2-Kenda Klever A/T2
Adding to its impressive line of pedigreed off-road tires, Kenda has introduced an interesting new all-terrain that looks like it'll be a good performer in the dirt and quiet on the street. We like the generous outer tread blocks for stability and the smaller center blocks for finger-like traction. Generous circumferential voids mean it'll most likely handle standing water fine, and the tread blocks extending down the sidewall not only look good, but will add protection and help release suction in sticky mud.

3- Michelin XZL
Alright, you caught us. There's really nothing new about the Michelin XZL tire used by the US military for many heavy platform vehicles. But what it sort of new is their adoption by 1-ton pickup users for serious on-road towing or coping with increased loads from slide-in campers, overlanding gear, and other really heavy kit that would tax many other 40-inch tires.

4-Milestar Patagonia XT
Available in sizes from a 265/75R16 all the way up to a 40x13/50R17 and for wheels ranging from 16- to 22-inches in diameter, the Milestar Patagonia XT is an on-road-friendly design that won't leave you disappointed in the dirt. We're thinking they'd be just the ticket for daily drivers, overlanders, and other builds that want a strong, tall sidewall without giving up the ability to cruise in quiet comfort.

5- Nakang Conqueror M/T
Admittedly, we don't have much experience piloting Nakang tires, but we like the three-ply sidewalls, chunky tread blocks, and the fact that the Conqueror M/T are available in 25 sizes.

6-Mickey Thompson Baja Boss X Sticky
For hardcore off-roaders and competitors, Mickey Thompson is now making a sticky version of its Baja Boss tire. The Baja Pro X is available in a 37x12.50R17 or 40x13.50R17 size and is packed with all the great features that made the Baja Boss a success, but with a much softer durometer tread that will grab like gangbusters.

7-Cooper Evolution M/T
Cooper Tire has been quietly introducing new tires and sizes for the off-road market constantly through the past years. New this year is the Cooper Evolution M/T, which features chunky tread blocks, generous sidewall treads, siping, and all the other good attributes we look for when considering a tire for our street-driven off-road vehicles.

8-Mickey Thompson Baja Boss
While the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss has been out for a year, the company introduced 15 new sizes covering 15-, 18-, 20-, and even 22-inch wheels, all with the same great tread and Mickey Thompson's PowerPly XD puncture resistant construction.

9-Milestar Patagonia SXS
It's a UTV-only tire, but hey, it's available in a 32x10.0-15 size that would be perfect for a lot of small Jeep-like vehicles. The load rating is about 750 pounds. But even if you're not looking to shod a super lightweight-vintage off-road-only Jeep or 4x4, the aggressive Patagonia SXS looks like a perfect selection for your UTV.

10-Mickey Thompson Baja Pro X
Introduced last year to great fanfare, the hyper-aggressive Mickey Thompson Baja Pro X tire was available only in a 43x14.50-17 size. This year Mickey Thompson has introduced five new sizes for the sticky-compound bias-ply monster, ranging from UTV-friendly 30-, 31-, and 32-inch versions for 14-inch wheels to 4x4-friendly 37x13.50-17 and 40x13.50-17 sizes.

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