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2020 April Fool's Day Jokes: The Internet Never Lies, Right?!

The best jokes circulating through the truck industry.

Have you been duped yet? Here are some of the clever 2020 April Fool's Day jokes we've seen circulating the internet...because the internet never lies, right? Enjoy!

Get those Decked drawers out and get ready to Decked-xercise with Decked. You'll be sore after all those Drawer Dork reps.

KC HiLiTES introduces the NEW Gravity LED Pro6 Mall Crawler Edition, ideal for your next Starbucks run or shopping spree at the mall. This lightbar is completely wireless, energy efficient (0 amp draw), lightweight, and totally economical.

CJ Off-Road discovers the 2021 two-door Jeep Gladiator on the Jeep.com website, and it will apparently be available with the 5.7L Hemi. This is great news!

Why be a king when you can be an Icon? ICON Vehicle Dynamics has been watching some Tiger King, we see.

Angry much? Angry eyes from Offroad Design for squarebody Chevy trucks can be shipped with any product ordered from the company.

ThumperTalk introduces two-stroke scented disinfectant wipes from Wiseco. Your wife will love that your entire home smells like the start of a 1990s Supercross main event.

Flashback! Remember these trucks that never existed...until April 1?

And some more from years past:

Once Again, Happy April Fool's Day!