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2021 Ford Bronco Suspension Up Close

More confirmed about Ford's new off-road SUV

We get a new look at the suspension under the 2021 Ford Bronco, as well as some rolling footage of the long-awaited SUV.

Confirmed 2021 Bronco Suspension Details:

  • SOLID rear axle
  • Linked rear suspension
  • Jeep-like fullsize spare tire
  • Independent front suspension
  • Front skidplate
  • Body-on-frame construction
  • 255/75R17 tires for now

With the Bronco debuting in Spring 2020, we're anxiously gathering details about Ford's newest off-road SUV, and whether its closest competitor is the Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Defender, or Mercedes G-Wagen.

More on the NEW Bronco:

Looking through the windows, we have a peek at the dash. Upright and Wrangler-esque are words that come to mind, as well as where we can expect the Bronco's infotainment screen to live.

What Are Those Tubes?

Look inside and up. We might be seeing the Bronco's rollbar system and a glimpse at what could be the removable roof. Is the excess tubing a fa ade from Ford disguising the real roof? Only time will tell.


We know now, like our favorite off-roaders, the 2021 Bronco is body-on-frame, not the dreaded unibody construction that is plaguing our SUV lineups. Though we're seeing the four-door variety of Bronco, there is also a two-door in the works.

Jeep Doesn't Do This

Looks to us like the 2021 Bronco has provisions to remove the doors while the mirrors remain attached to where the A-pillar meets the front fender.

32-inch Tires On This One

This mule is running Bridgestone Dueller all-terrain tires measuring in at 255/75R17 (. Hopefully we will see higher trim levels offering larger and more aggressive all-terrains, since there appears to be lots more space in those wheelwells.

Keep a watch on fourwheeler.com for everything we dig up on Ford's anticipated off-road SUV.

While you're deciding if the new Bronco will be enough to take on the off-road SUV in your garage, have a look at the full gallery below.