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4xForum - October 2014

New Job

I’m thankful you took over 4Wheel Drive & Sport Utility. I was not going to renew my subscription because it was the Phil Howell JK magazine. There was nothing else in it. Wait, a few of his buddies with Currie axles, and the same old builds.

I have had a Hemi JK. Cool Jeep. Now I have a nut and bolt restoration, 1985 Jeep CJ-7 Renegade. I have owned about 30 jeeps. I’m into finding old parts to do restorations. It’s more fun for me. Try to do some old-school projects. It’s fun to read about them and searching out hard-to-find OEM parts.

I’ve never written to a magazine. Hope all goes well.
Paul Lemmerman
Via email

Welcome to your new job. I have seen your contributions to other magazines, so I realize you know a lot about off-roading. I have been a subscriber for two or three years. One of the reasons I like this mag is that it has good coverage of trails in North America. My off-roading is more about backcountry travel and camping over rockcrawling. The other magazines cover the impressive rig builds, but I like to read about where people are going and what they have fun doing. If you need to some builds, I like reading about older rigs. I liked the article on the old Willy’s wagon in the June issue. Many years ago, I use to dream about having one of those. Well, good luck in your new job.
John Faust
Via email

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