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Spotted! Rare Hummer H1 Enlarged Cab with Insanely Huge Tires

This may be one of 432 produced over an eight-year span.

This ludicrous 1999 AM General Hummer H1 Enlarged Cab two-door pickup was spotted in the mountains. While we couldn't find its owner to talk specifics or specs, we still pulled over to grab a few pictures and gawk.

This Hummer H1 definitely had the proper ground clearance to navigate ruts and rocks, but we had to wonder about the ride quality. Despite its brawny appearance, we suspected it had the potential to jiggle your eyeballs out of their sockets after a few miles (or feet) on any off-road trail. Rest assured that if need be, however, this Hummer could ford more than the factory-claimed 30 inches of water. However, it looked pretty clean, a sure giveaway that it hadn't hit any muddy mountain puddles in the recent past. And, if it was a road warrior only, we imagine the only way it could maintain a highway speed anywhere near the factory 83 mph top speed comes courtesy of the 6.6L Duramax diesel and Allison 1000 automatic transmission swapped in place of the factory 6.5L turbo diesel (195 hp and 430 lb-ft of torque) and 4L80E four-speed automatic.

Aside from the general coolness of this beast, which we'll get to in a minute, there is one nerdy morsel that we need to address first and foremost—the trim configuration of this particular Hummer H1. To start with, there were only 11,818 civilian Hummer H1s produced between 1992 and 2006, meaning H1s were low volume to begin with. The highest production year was 1995, with 1,432 units produced. Furthermore, this is a two-passenger, two-door hardtop Enlarged Cab (XLC2) pickup truck version, which makes it a rare unicorn indeed. According to lynchhummer.com, the Enlarged Cab was introduced on July 13, 1994. Forty were built in 1994, 91 in 1995, 89 in 1996, 115 in 1997, 46 in 1998, 33 in 1999, 13 in 2000, and 5 in 2001. That means this may be one of 432 produced over the eight-year span of 1994-2001.

But it wasn't just the rarity that attracted us to this vehicle. Those ginormous 46-inch Mickey Thompson Baja Claw tires (19.5/46-20LT) wrapped on white 20-inch XD825 Buck 25 KMC XD Series Wheels kind of steal the whole show. Undercarriage brackets in the front indicate it's been lifted in order to clear the massive tires, but the conducive shape of the wheel wells meant a surprisingly small lift was necessary to clear the huge rolling stock. That said, it's hard to say if the tires clear at full steering lock and the wheels appear to just extend beyond the front bumper—that's how big they are. Speaking of, that bumper is a custom job and houses a Warn winch, recovery hooks, and some Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED lights.

This surprisingly well-balanced H1 hides some other tidbits. All the exterior lights seem to be upgraded; notice there's no hint of yellow-hue lighting anywhere. It's surprising there are no lightbars and no rack systems (where more lightbars or spotlights could go). At the same time, the lack of exterior accessories keeps the H1 simple and relatively classy. The Hummercore H1 D-Ring Brush Guard has been painted white to match the white coated exterior. The side mirrors have also been color-matched, in contrast to the bottom door hinge that's black, matching the black door handle. Retractable side steps allow for slightly easier entry and exit into the beast. It has a custom rear bumper (with another Warn winch and more Baja Designs Squadron PRO LEDs) and some meaty mud flaps.

While we wish we knew more about this Hummer H1, we recognize that when you see a unicorn, the best thing to do is appreciate what the creature chooses to reveal.