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The Wickedly Cool 1941 Dodge "Bootlegger" Finds a New Home

What's someone willing to pay for Daystar Products' 1941 Dodge? 90K.

Every once in a while, a SEMA build leaves such an impression on gearheads' minds that, years later, they still recount the rig and its grandeur. Such is the case with this 1941 Dodge WC built by Daystar Products and displayed in the company's booth during the 2016 SEMA show. It's simply one of those 4x4 off-road rigs that's the best of both worlds, seamlessly blending vintage with modern. Known as the Bootlegger, it's a huge, rebellious, functional, and themed showpiece any rational (or irrational?) off-roader wouldn't turn down wheeling.

Fred Williams of Dirt Every Day considered the Daystar Bootlegger one of his favorite rigs of SEMA 2016, and provided some context as to why it's called "Bootlegger":

"I had seen the Daystar 'Bootlegger' Power Wagon prior to SEMA on a trip to Alaska for a video shoot, but it still counts as a favorite from the SEMA show. This truck has over 700 horsepower from an Edelbrock-supercharged LS3 under the hood and dumps that power to a built 4L80, Magnum 205 T-case, and 1-ton axles. The 42-inch Swampers do dirt duty, but the body color and wicked copper plate work take the cake. Daystar built the truck to attend a whiskey distillery tour and the bootlegger theme of a mixture of old moonshine still and go-fast barrel hauler gives this truck the perfect combination of theme and performance."

Bootlegger achieved a distinguished career in the limelight, starring in various automotive programs and winning multiple awards. From its 2016 and 2017 SEMA Show appearances, it won 4WP's "Life is Better Off Road" award and was a Top 10 Truck in the Battle of the Builders competition. It also won its class at the 2017 LSFest West.

The rig, which has only about 2,000 miles on its Dakota Digital gauges, sold for $90,500 on Bring a Trailer. The winner described it as "unadulterated automotive fun" and stated that "Bootlegger will serve as a temporary experiment for juvenile bravado with just a hint of gravitas"—can those words all be used together!?—"and maybe a couple of runs to the General Store in Randsburg for the best vanilla malt shake in the Mojave."

Enjoy the photo gallery of the copper-clad 1941 Dodge Bootlegger, an off-road beast that'll forever remain a favorite in our book.