Cool Products for the Hot New Jeep Gladiator and Wrangler

From suspension to performance, the aftermarket has the parts you need to transform your JL or JT

A Jeep pickup was long, long overdue. By the same token, the all-new '20 Jeep Gladiator was also the worst-kept secret—everyone knew it was coming. That gave aftermarket companies a huge jump on developing parts and accessories to be available as soon as the truck hit dealerships, joining its completely redesigned brethren, the '18 Jeep Wrangler. The aftermarket now offers loads of ways to customize the two extremely capable Jeeps for four-wheeling, overlanding, towing, or any need you may have. These are must-have products to take your JL or JT to the next level.

Following is a wide range of products for the JL and Gladiator, presented by our advertisers and conveniently collected for your shopping pleasure.


Energy Suspension Rock-Flex Suspension for Jeep JL
Company: Energy Suspension
Contact: 888/913-6374,

Get the most out of your JL with Energy Suspension's new Rock-Flex Suspension System! The Rock-Flex Suspension System represents an entirely new approach to lifting a Jeep Wrangler JL. The new ride-height adjustable suspension system maximizes performance from the factory suspension components, transforming it into something with the off-road performance typically found with much more expensive and complicated lift kits—at a fraction of the cost! For more information, visit



RockJock by John Currie Pro Edition Suspension Lifts
Company: RockJock
Contact: 714/367-1580,

RockJock by John Currie's Pro Edition suspension lifts for the Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT deliver a smooth, comfortable on-road ride with the ultimate in off-road capability. RockJock Suspension Systems feature high-quality, durable components that set them apart from the competition—all in a complete, direct bolt-on kit. The Pro Edition kit includes the full complement of RockJock's suspension components offered for the JL and JT, including adjustable Johnny Joint control arms and trac bars, front and rear Antirock sway bar kits, dual rate coil springs, and proper bumpstops. With the Pro Edition kit installed, you'll be ready to take on the most extreme terrain with confidence! Premium shock packages from Fox and King are offered as options so that you can select the shock brand and performance level that matches your driving style. We always recommend adjustable shocks, as they allow the ride to be tuned to match the terrain and driver's preference.



Currie Enterprises Extreme 60 Front and Rearends
Company: Currie Enterprises
Contact: 714/528-6957,

New from Currie Enterprises are Extreme 60 front and rearends for JL and JT models! With the highest ground clearance on the market, and an industry-exclusive rotated cover and round bottom design, Extreme 60s are unmatched when adding lift and large rolling diameter to your Jeep. Approved for 40-inch tires and V-8 swaps. Features include a high pinion nodular iron radius bottom centersection with additional reinforcement in critical areas, integrated ring gear load bolt that minimizes deflection and maximizes gear mesh under high torque loads, 3.5-inch diameter, 0.375-wall tubes, upgraded brakes and 4340 chromoly 35-spline front and full-floating rear axles—making the Currie Extreme 60 the natural choice for big tires and severe off-road use. Increases axle width to 70 inches (flange to flange) for maximum clearance and turning angle, with choice of 6- or 8-lug wheel patterns for both front and rear axles. Also available in custom configurations.



Skyjacker Dual Rate-Long Travel Suspension Systems
Company: Skyjacker Suspensions
Contact: 318/388-0816,

2018 Jeep JL 2"-4" Dual Rate-Long Travel suspension systems offer exceptional highway ride quality during the 1st rate, lighter spring rate, and allow for the suspension to droop out to keep the tires in contact with the ground much longer while the coils remain in the upper coil bucket at full droop (unlike single rate or progressive rate coils). The 2nd rate offers consistent control and stability during body roll and heavy off-road suspension movement during extreme off-road use. Each system includes unique left and right coils like OE, adjustable high-angle front track bar, front and rear extended sway bar endlinks, front and rear bumpstops, front and rear brake line extensions, front and rear eccentric cam bolts for proper caster adjustment with custom tuned length fitted front and rear shocks to allow for maximum travel at full articulation. Safety is important at Skyjacker so the new JL systems have been tested and proved full compliance to federal motor vehicle safety standards to keep you and your family safe. Available for two- and four-door models.



Skyjacker Dual Rate-Long Travel Suspension Systems for Jeep Gladiator
Company: Skyjacker Suspensions
Contact: 318/388-0816,

Dual Rate-Long Travel systems offer the best of both worlds whether for on-road use or off-road use. The 1st spring rate offers an exceptional highway ride and will expand when off-roading during articulation to keep the tires in contact with the ground much longer and the coils remain in the upper coil bucket even at full drop unlike linear rate coils. The 2nd rate, lower coils, only engage after compression past the 1st rate and allow consistent control and stability during body roll and heavy off-road suspension movement. Unique left and right coil springs utilized like OE & long travel front and rear Skyjacker shocks are length fitted to offer the maximum extension allowable for full articulation to complete this system. 2.5, 3.5, and 4.5 lift systems available. Gladiator rear coils have an added feature of the 2nd stage being variable rate, helping control loads through the suspension travel for activities like overlanding and towing.



sPOD Bantam for Powering and Controlling Accessories
Company: sPOD
Contact: 661/775-7799,

The Bantam is a small, 8-circuit control system that provides a clean (one Ethernet cable into the cab!) and safe way to power and control 12/24VDC accessories, rated at 30 amps/circuit. The small footprint allows for endless placement options! Some features include dimming, strobe, flash, momentary and switch linking with protection against over current, overheating, shorts, reverse polarity, and field collapse. Bluetooth, 8 inputs for external controllers, expandable up to 32 circuits, 16-position terminal block. Compatible with these sPOD controllers: touchscreen, HD smart control, switches, and wireless app. Does not interfere with CAN bus. Eliminates the need for relays, fuses, and switches. Plug-and-play; intuitive and user-friendly. The Bantam exceeds and utilizes automotive grade high-power, high-temp, ultra-reliable components with a maximum 100-amp capacity. Built to withstand extreme use and is completely American made! The perfect overall solution for your aftermarket electrical accessories with options unmatched by anyone.



EVO Manufacturing Enforcer and Enforcer Overland Suspension Systems
Company: EVO Manufacturing
Contact: 714/879-8913,

The EVO Manufacturing Jeep Gladiator JT Enforcer and Enforcer Overland Suspension Systems are offered in the choice of 2.5-, 4.5-, or 6.5-inch lift heights. The EVO Manufacturing Enforcer suspension systems are specifically designed and engineered to lift your JT, maintaining a performance spring rate and smooth ride quality all while retaining towing capabilities. We offer these suspension systems in two categories: Enforcer and Enforcer Overland. The Enforcer kits are geared toward maintaining ideal ground clearance for the off-road enthusiasts with great on-road manners. The Enforcer Overland kits come with the addition of our Overland control arm drop brackets. With their addition we are able to engineer more performance into the front suspension, improving braking and driveline angles through suspension cycle to smoothen the ride further. Either of your selections are offered in four stages and are upgradable to suit your needs down the road.



ProCharger Supercharger HO Intercooled System
Company: ProCharger
Contact: 913/338-2886,

ProCharger leads the way in Jeep supercharger performance with a 40-45 percent-plus horsepower gain using just 7 psi of boost, on an otherwise stock 3.6L engine running premium pump gas. The HO Intercooled System for Jeep JK, JL, and Gladiator models features a shared-drive belt design for the rugged and durable P-1SC-1 supercharger, and it comes standard with the industry's largest and most effective air-to-air intercooler.



Eibach ALL-TERRAIN-LIFT for Jeep Gladiator
Company: Eibach Inc.
Contact: 800/507-2338,

The new 4-inch Jeep Gladiator ALL-TERRAIN-LIFT is developed and manufactured by Eibach in the USA. As a global leader in OEM and performance suspension, Eibach products are built upon decades of race-winning technology to create the ideal balance of performance, quality, and functionality. Also available in 2- and 3-inch lifts, the Gladiator ALL-TERRAIN-LIFT combines Eibach extended travel shocks and progressive spring technology to create a perfectly tuned suspension engineered for control on-road and performance off-road. Head to to find the ALL-TERRAIN-LIFT for your Wrangler JL and JT.



Hemi Conversion Kits from Dakota Customs
Company: Dakota Customs
Contact: 605/858-0092,

Dakota Customs pioneered the Hemi Wrangler conversion and is still at the forefront of this excellent upgrade to your Jeep. Conversion kits are now available for all '20-plus Gladiators and '18-plus JL/JLUs. Hellcat, Demon, 6.4, 5.7, 7.0; you name it and we've got it. All eight-speed JL/JLU/JT Hemi conversions have the option of reusing the factory eight-speed or upgrading to the 8HP75 eight-speed from the new '19 Ram 1500 DT. Hellcat/Demon conversions will automatically upgrade to the 8HP75. We're more than happy to help complete your build! You can reach us easily at the following: Dakota Customs at 605/858-0092 or at or on Facebook at Dakota Customs.



Terra Raider MT by Delium Tires from TireGet
Company: TireGet
Contact: 833/221-1154,
The Terra Raider MT by Delium is built and designed for the off-road and race enthusiast.

Serious off-road tread with high void design

  • Open shoulders for extreme traction in mud, snow, and rock
  • Perfect for rockcrawling and overlanding
  • Maximum on- and off-road traction
  • 3-ply sidewall for maximum durability

Unique mountain grip sidewall

  • Multi-directional traction at low tire pressure on various terrain
  • Enhanced protection from rocks and stones
  • Enhanced mud and rock defense
  • Longer and taller fins on the tread grooves
  • Shed mud easily while protecting the base
    Available in 22 sizes. For sizing and specs visit Baja 500/Baja 1000 and King Of The Hammers Ready! Contact us for racing sponsorships: or call toll-free: 833/221-1154.