10 Best Jeep JL Wrangler Lift Kits from SEMA

By now you probably know what's hot at SEMA 2019. The Jeep JL Wrangler and Jeep JT Gladiator are two of the most popular builds at the show, and we know that trend will extend into the real world lives of our readers. And while both the new Wrangler and Gladiator are both super capable and potent off-road who would want to leave well enough alone, and not add a lift and bigger tires?

We scoured the halls of SEMA 2019 to dig a bit deeper into 10 suspension lift kits and components for these new Jeeps. Are all of the parts waiting on the shelf for you to order and install for both the Gladiator and Wrangler JL? No, probably not, but the aftermarket is well aware of what we all want. Suspension systems that provide more clearance, space for bigger tires, and that taller than stock look that everyone loves. With our insider connections we gathered images and a little information about what's new and hot for the JL, and will be available for the JT if it isn't already, suspension wise.


Skyjacker Suspension was showing off their Ultimate Adventure Proven 2020 Hellcrate powered Jeep Gladiator. The Jeep sits on a pair of Ultimate Dana 60s and trust us, it peels out! The Gladiator is show piece to let people know that Skyjacker makes suspension systems for 2.5-, 3.5-, 4.5-, and 6-inch lifts. Skyjacker also has a coilover conversion for JL and is working on one for JT.


The German shock masters have their new 8100 direct fit bypass shocks for JLs with 3-4.5 inch lifts (12 inch travel front, 13 rear) and 2-3 inch lifts (10inch travel front, 11 rear). These shocks have all the whizz bang features that true race bypass shocks and are 100 percent adjustable in both rebound and compression using knobs (these prototype shocks have adjuster screws). The shocks also have internal bump stops and you know they will make any JL faster in the dirt were betting JT parts are close to follow.


AEV's JL suspension lift is available with Bilstein's smooth body equivalent of the above 8100 shocks, or Bilstein 5100 shocks. The kit also comes with a lift block for the factory jack, geometry relocation brackets, bump stop extensions, sway bar links, and a ProCal Snap so you can tell your JL's computer what's happened to it.

ARB/Old Man Emu

Old Man Emu, ARB's in house suspension company had on hand their new BP-51 Complete Suspension System. The kit is available in a 2-door JL light kit, 2-door JL heavy kit, and a 4-door JL heavy kit. Systems come with everything you need to enhance drivability on-road and off- including Old Man Emu's fancy new BP-51 shocks or OME's classic Nitrocharger Sport Shocks. The system nets about 3.5 inches on a Sport model and 2.5 on a Rubicon. These suspensions are also available as part of a full outfitting package ARB is now offering called the Overland Package by ARB which includes all the popular overlanding gear the company sells including, but not limited to an aluminum roof rack, suspension, snorkel, air compressor, body protection, and more.


Teraflex usually has a huge number of new parts available for whatever is hot at SEMA. This year the Gladiator and JL Wrangler are definitely hot at SEMA and true to form Teraflex has lots of parts for them. This includes, but is not limited to Falcon shocks, bump stop systems, adjustable track bar, rear long arm systems with control arm relocation brackets, fancy TeraFlex bump stops, and more. Honestly too much to list here, but all cool new stuff.


Dynatrac is world renound for there nearly indestructible aftermarket axles and axle housings, but they also are dabbling in the suspension market with their JK suspension that has been around for about a year. This year at SEMA they announced and displayed their EnduroSport 2-inch suspension system for JL. The system offers an honest 2-inch lift that increases the new Wranglers ability to carry a load without sagging and also offers a better ride and handling than factory suspension. The lift allows owners to run up to a 38-inch tire on the Rubicon models.


JKS calls their suspension system for the JL the J-Venture Suspension System. It has dual rate coils front and rear, an adjustable track bar front and relocation bracket rear, sway bar Quicker Disconnects, bump stop extensions, and is available with either J-Spec or Fox shocks. Our pals from Offroad Power Products were flexing out their new HellCrate powered Gladiator. The truck is running 40s with a 3.5-inch J-Spec kit with ACOS and J-Flex control arms. Lift amounts range from 2- to 6.5-inch lift amounts available.


Synergy is always coming up with cool innovative parts for suspension and steering and guess what, they didn't overlook the JL. We bent their ear for a few minutes and found out they have all kinds of cool kit. They have a JL Steering Correction Kit, A Track Bar and Sector Shaft Brace, a JL Rear Long Arm Kit, Adjustable Control Arms, HD Ball Joints, Hub-Centric Wheel Spacers, Bumpstop Spacers Kits, Sway Bar Disconnects, and more. These parts all supplement their multiple suspension systems that are available in 2- and 3-inch lift amounts respectively.

Alloy USA

Alloy USA has stepped into the suspension game with their 2.5-inch suspension lift for 2018 and up JLU 4-door Wranglers. The kit comes with new coil springs, sway bar extensions and bump stop extensions.


Mopar was on site with their 2-inch lift kit engineered by Jeep Performance Parts Engineers for a no-compromise lift kit. It comes with 2.5-inc Fox Monotube shocks, longer front control arms. The kit clears 35-inch tires and is available for 4-door, and 2-door JLs with either the 3.6L V-6 or the 2.0L 4-cyl.

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