Best New Truck And SUV Winches From SEMA

The saying goes that when you need a winch, you really need a winch. We love winches, they have tugged us out of many a predicament. Every year totally new winches pop up at SEMA in Las Vegas, Nevada. The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world with aftermarket parts for just about any automotive enthusiast including those in need of a tug. Of course we are here to look for all the hottest off-road products that you, our readers, need to know about. Here are some winches.

When it comes to winches, there are several names you've probably heard before. Winches from old favorite companies like Warn, Ramsey, Mile Marker, Superwinch, Smittybilt, ComeUp, BullDog, Red Winch, Gigglepin, and more. We're also always on the lookout for new companies entering the market—although forgive us if we don't take every new winch company totally seriously. Here are several new winches from the SEMA 2019 Show.

ComeUp Blazer M3 and M2
We're betting that the new ComeUp Blazer M3 is the fastest new winch at SEMA 2019. We have almost nothing scientific to back that claim up, but we are betting that this winch—with three large electric motors, a very stout drivetrain, and what can only be described as heavy-duty electronics—is fast. This unit, along with the Blaze M2, come with three different gearing combinations that determine the ratings of 6,000 lbs, 8,000 lbs, and 10,000 lbs. The no-load speed for the 6,000-lb gearing and three motors (the M2 can have a third motor piggy backed on it for extra speed, becoming the M3) is a scorching 568 feet per minute. That means this thing could, hypothetically, suck up 1/10th of a mile of rope in a minute. That's fast, and yes those are air actuated controls. Cost of the fully dressed M3 is somewhere north of $6,000.

Superwinch Talon Mil Spec
This Superwinch Talon Mil Spec Series winch on display at SEMA was one bad looking piece of equipment. This thing has lots of heavy-duty components designed to military specifications including a full load holding automatic disc brake inside the gear box, a heavy-duty steel drum, a two-stage planetary with two-stage spur gear reduction, an electronic load limiting overload interrupter, and a synthetic rope with Dyneema SK99 core. It's also classically dressed in black and comes with some fancy looking waterproof wiring.

Winch in a Box
Also from Superwinch was a unique idea—a winch in a box. This thing is small, but can be tucked into the trunk of just about any car. It's rated to tow 4,000 lbs, but can pull up to 8,000 when double lined using the included snatch block. Also included in the kit are a winch controller, a pair of heavy-duty gloves, universal clamp-on power leads, a steel frame (to attach the winch to whatever), a tree saver strap, and a few small D-ring shackles. This thing is intended to not take up much space, but be available if your non-dedicated off-road rig slips into an ice ditch, gets stuck in some unexpected mud, or whatever!

Superwinch SX Series
This prototype winch from Superwinch, so new they'd hardly tell us about it, was the SX Series winch—this one in 10K flavor. This thing is rated to tug 10,000 lbs, comes with a nice new integrated housing, synthetic rope, and more. This prototype winch is still under development, but should be mid-priced and loaded with features like wireless control, bridge type contactor or solenoid pack, illumination, and more. The series will be available in all the popular load ratings to make it a perfect fit for Jeeps, SUVs, and trucks. One thing for sure (when they conclude their testing) is that we will need to get one of these to test further inside the pages of P4WOR and out on the trail.

SmittyBilt XRC Gen 3
Adorning the front of our favorite International Scout 80 is the relatively new (new since the beginning of Ultimate Adventure 2019) SmittyBilt XRC Gen 3 12K winch with synthetic rope; also totally new for SEMA is the XRC Gen 3 9.5K Comp Series winch also with synthetic rope. Both have a 7 horsepower motor that helps these winches achieve a faster line speed than the previous generation of XRC winches. The magnetic remote control has a built-in load indicator warning system, a handy flashlight, and built-in aluminum tie-bar light.

Warn VR Evo
Warn was showing off its VR Evo 12k winch, which is the evolution of its inexpensive yet reliable budget series. These winches use internationally sourced parts that are tested and approved by Warn and branded with the red W. The VR Evo series is available in 8,000-, 10,000-, and 12,000-lb ratings with either steel rope or synthetic.

Rugged Ridge Trekker
New to the realm of winches is a familiar off-road name, Rugged Ridge. The Rugged Ridge Trekker Series Winches feature a heavy-duty series wound motor, a three-stage planetary drivetrain yielding a 212:1 ratio. The winch has an IP68 waterproof rating and comes with either a synthetic rope and wireless remote, or steel cable and a weatherproof wired remote.

Mile Marker Maverick
The Mile Marker Maverick 12 is a 12,000-lb rated winch with a fresh and newly updated design, a heavy-duty series wound motor, and a rugged planetary gear set. Mile Marker claims the Maverick series winches have the best performance per pound in their price range.

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